Introducing Luminaires with Wi-Fi Capability

King Luminaire Co. Inc. is proud to announce that a select group of our Outdoor Decorative Luminaires are now equipped with concealed TerraWave Wi-Fi antennas, engineered by Ventev, an industry-leading wireless technology manufacturer.

The 2.4/5 GHz, 6dBi TerraWave antenna is integrated onto the optical system tower within our highly decorative outdoor luminaires.  The antenna is compatible with and supports today’s 802.11ac Wave I/II Wi-Fi access points. The Outdoor Luminaire’s advanced LED technology offers exceptional lighting performance, longevity and energy efficiency that, in conjunction with the patent-pending, concealed Wi-Fi antenna, enables a unique, high-performance lighting and Wi-Fi solution for streetscapes, waterfronts, parks and campuses.
“Our partnership with Ventev has created an incredible opportunity to marry two outstanding technologies and present an advanced LED luminaire that provides a discreet Wi-Fi compatible lighting solution for municipalities,” said Luke van Vliet, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “This advancement enables King Luminaire to continue to provide Gold Standard products and services for our customers, and we look forward to further solution-based innovations that we can provide to cities across North America.”