Flag Poles

Available in heights from 20' to 118' spun concrete poles are an ideal choice to hold your banner high. Whether our internal "antitheft" halyard system or the more conventional external halyard system is selected, the clanking of cables that is so annoying with metal poles will be no more.
Spun concrete with its clean lines and natural concrete color blends into the surroundings. It is also possible to make a real architectural statement by selecting one of our Decor colors. Combine all of this with spun concrete's low initial cost, the installation savings of direct burial (baseplate poles are available), long life, and zero maintenance and you must agree there is no better flag pole on the market.
Please contact us with your structural requirements. We will be happy to engineer a pole to meet your exact needs.
Midnight Lace S10/E10
Eclipse Black S11/E11
Salt & Pepper S30/E30
Oriental Jade S52/E52
Detroit Green S53/E53
Autumn Red S60/E60
Ash White S35/E35
Pearl Grey S40/E40
Dusty Rose S41/E41
Desert Sand S70/E70
Vintage Brown S80/E80
Rosewood S81/E81
Aztec Jade S51/E51
Saluki Bronze S90/E90

* Concrete décor colors available in etched or smooth finish for poles with flat surfaces, and etched only for round or fluted poles, please consult full décor colors brochure for details