The Alexander - KAH

The Alexander Pole was designed with the needs of the residential developer in mind. The dual cavities within the base of the pole for concealing communications equipment, provide a clean streetscape by eliminating the telephone and cable communications pedestals that are often seen throughout a development. Clean, proportionate lines, and the great benefits of centrifically spun concrete pole technology make the Alexander a perfect addition to many residential developments.
Midnight Lace S10/E10
Eclipse Black S11/E11
Salt & Pepper S30/E30
Oriental Jade S52/E52
Detroit Green S53/E53
Autumn Red S60/E60
Ash White S35/E35
Pearl Grey S40/E40
Dusty Rose S41/E41
Desert Sand S70/E70
Vintage Brown S80/E80
Rosewood S81/E81
Aztec Jade S51/E51
Saluki Bronze S90/E90

* Concrete décor colors available in etched or smooth finish for poles with flat surfaces, and etched only for round or fluted poles, please consult full décor colors brochure for details