KG Capricorn - Pendant

With its roots strongly planted in the yesteryear, the KG Capricorn is a classic round globe suitable for any architectural setting, whether historical or contemporary. Today it is utilized in a variety of situations, from lighting roads to pathways, parks and building exteriors. Available in sizes 14” to 24” in diameter. Add to the continuity of your space with a matching post top to light pathways and roadways alike.

•Choice of high performance LED or HID optical systems
•Various photo control options available
•Choice of glass, acrylic or polycarbonate lenses in white (opal), clear, dappled (polycarbonate only), bronze (clear) and smoke (clear) options
•Innovative Globe Holder or Rotolock™ Globe Mounting options for easy maintenance (Rotolock™ not available for glass globes)
•Numerous design features including decorative baskets, capitals and decorative arms available